Members Only

PBYC is a Volunteer Yacht Club

The livelihood of the club depends on volunteerism and volunteering keeps PBYC a vibrant yacht club. Don’t overlook the benefits of volunteering. You can change your life and the lives of others when you do.

Contact anyone of us to talk about your personal goals and interests, and share your Corinthian spirit with your new family and fellow members!

Membership has so many privileges and volunteering has proven benefits:

  1. Reduces stress
    Studies have found that when you stop thinking about your own problems and focus on someone or something other than yourself, your stress levels start to decrease, your immune system is strengthened and your overall sense of life satisfaction increases. This is because helping someone else interrupts tension-producing patterns and replaces it with a sense of purpose, positive emotions and high confidence levels.
  2. Ends Loneliness
    The “Campaign to End Loneliness” says that close to 45 percent of people in the US and the UK admit to feeling lonely. On top of that, one in ten adults reports that they have no close friends. Loneliness and social isolation are two of the most severe epidemics in the world today. The simplest way to reverse this? Volunteer!
  3. Increases Socializing
    Socially, the benefits of volunteering show up quickly and have long-term effects. Social interaction improves mental and physical health, according to “Psychology Today”. The benefits of consistent socializing include better brain function and lower risk for depression and anxiety. You also improve your immune system. In our increasingly social isolating culture with electronic communication, getting together, face to face, is good for you. (Let’s talk!)
  4. Builds Bonds, Creates Friends
    Volunteering creates stronger bonds between friends, family, and coworkers (and members). People build closer relationships, better connections, and more powerful attachments to people when they work together. If you feel the need for deeper connections with other people, try volunteering.
  5. Improves Self-Esteem
    When teens or young adults volunteer, they develop self-esteem, confidence and feelings of self-worth. Consider the advantages of volunteering for teens and young adults with eating disorders, social anxiety, and depression. Volunteering could be life-changing (and life-saving). People that volunteer in their youth are more likely to volunteer as adults and be happier and healthier for it.
  6. Promotes Longevity
    While everyone benefits from a little boost in physical health, long-term volunteers have longer lives, less disease, and better overall health. One report says that people who volunteer over 100 hours a year are some of the healthiest people in the U.S.
  7. Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s
    Alzheimer’s disease has become a frightening possibility for millions of individuals in the U.S. and globally. However, some research has shown that people who volunteer may be at lower risk of dementia. Studies from the Journal of Gerontology indicate that social service improves elasticity in the brain. Any social interaction can help delay or prevent Alzheimer’s, and volunteering can be a fantastic way to do that.
  8. Leads to Graceful Aging
    Older volunteers benefit the most from getting out of the house, engaging with others, and moving physically. Purpose and collaboration result in mental health improvements and a better outlook on life. Studies indicate that senior volunteers experience the most physical benefit from their service, possibly because being active and engaged leads to more happiness.
  9. Volunteering Adds Fun to Your Years
    Volunteering and freely giving your time, energy, and resources to people and causes around the world can create change on a global scale. It is incredible to think that one person’s efforts can change the life of someone else somewhere in the world. However, the best part, and often overlooked is that volunteering is just plain fun.